Now a "Gangstamare" is a nightmare that's set in the hood and that involves nothing but Gangstas that are doing some real Gangsta shit.

If you've never been a Gangsta in your dreams or in your Gangstamares, you need to check your Gangsta papers because they might be counterfeit.

A Gangsta isn't a true Gangsta if he or she hasn't had a Gangstamare. Check your Gangsta papers for the counterfeit seal.

In a "Gangstamare" the protagonist who's indeed the Gangsta himself might be sitting in a smoke filled room when the shit gets to popping or he might be riding a bicycle when a car rolls up and when a rival Gangsta comes out the window with a burner or with a chopper or with a Fo Five.  

Now a Gangstamare will also include a string of beautiful women that might set the Gangsta up for assassination. However, the Gangsta who's the protagonist will indeed prevail and he'll get the money
and the girls and his adversary will be lying in a pool of blood as he rolls out in a Benz or in a four door Cadillac while blowing some trees.

In a Gangstamare, a Gangsta might pull out a Revolver since it's the bitch that doesn't leave any metal behind or he might be packing a .45 caliber pistol which the Gangsters call a Fo Five or he might have a chopper in the trunk or an M16 or a Duece Duece for close quarter fighting or a sawed off double barrel shotgun.

Or if he's old school he might have a 30 odd Six or a Ruger.   

Now don't get it twisted because female Gangstas have Gangstamares as well and in a female's Gangstamare she might be slanging when a car rolls up and when a pistol wielding female jumps out in her Gangstamare. And I once
met/interviewed a female Gangsta that had a Gangstamare and in her Gangstamare she was serving dope fiends on her block when a female Blood crept up on her before robbing her of her dope and before taking all the cash that she had in her socks and in her waist band and in her pockets. But, that wasn't the end of her Gangstamare because you see the female Blood yelled out her set before shooting the Crip girl in her "Sweet Spot" and as she grabbed her genitals and went down the bitch pulled out a joint and lit it up before saying, "Now let's see your bitch as holla that Crips don't die they multiply shit now that I just finished shooting up your shit."  

The Cripped out female Gangsta that had the aforementioned Gangstamare couldn't sleep for a week and she was waking and baking and she said that every morning that she woke up, that she was checking her private parts just to make sure that they were okay and then she would smoke a blunt and hit the hen-rock before going back to sleep. And I think that what had the female Gangsta paranoid is the fact that she had done some time wherein she witnessed a couple of her hardcore homegirls cut a white female child molester's clitoris off after they found out that she was doing time for molesting an underaged boy. And as they say some Gangsta females don't play that child molestation shit and they will get down and dirt with a female child molester's genitals.

Now a Gangstamare could also involve a Gangsta shooting it out with the feds or with the cops depending on how much weight he's moving.

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