Good Morning All,

My two upcoming novels will deal strictly with the Extraterrestrial phenomena because it is important for you to know what’s on the horizon. You see for far too long the corporate owned media has lied to us about the existence of certain non-terrestrial beings while secretly working with their government contacts to secure a place for themselves and for their families while you and I are left on the surface to fight for our  lives.

Ever heard of what took place with Ahura Mazda? Well, such an event is indeed what’s being planned for by the various government officials that have been guaranteed a place inside the underground bunkers that have been built to shield them from the attack that will take place on the surface. 

You see you must first come to understand that Extraterrestrials do indeed exist before you can fully comprehend what the world will face when the
Extraterrestrial Gods return to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. And you only deceive  yourselves by denying what the ancients have testified about throughout our collective history. It is time to wake up because as they say in the African American community, “Time is Tight.”

Take heed because I have seen these beings as well as their space crafts and what I can tell you is that they can pass for human and this could indeed be why the government felt the need to pass NDAA in a time when the Mayan Calendar is being talked about more and more.

Just a little something for you to contemplate while you make your decision whether or not to accept the fact that these Extraterrestrial Entities do indeed exist.

Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”

A true soldier in the multifaceted quest to expose the truth about the Extraterrestrial Entities that have been visiting our planet for longer than we have been a nation