“Eternal Protoplasmic Projections” are for all intents and purposes ghosts. And they confirm for us human beings that we do indeed live on and that there is no end to our humanly existence because you see the ghosts that are routinely encountered can readily tell us their names as well as the details of their lives prior to being transformed into Eternal Protoplasmic Projections that have no expiration dates. 
The fact that these ghostly human forms can exist as E.P.P. or as Eternal  Protoplasmic Projections poses a real threat for the scientists/atheists that frequently tell us that we simply live and that we die and that we cease to exist after performing a certain set of perfunctory biological functions that they refuse to believe were designed by the Original Intelligence or by God himself. 
Did  the rain producing clouds as well as the soil and the plants and the trees miraculously appear on the scene without any encouragement from the undeniable intelligence that’s behind them? Why are the aforementioned elements the perfect ingredients for sustaining human life if there’s no design behind them? And why do we need oxygen to survive if our lungs were not designed to function off of the freely given substance that was not manufactured inside a laboratory? Why is there an end to the circumference of the human eye? And why is the human eye proportionate to the human form when it could very well be the size of a hippopotamus eye since we are expected to believe that no one is behind our uniquely human form? Who is directing the orchestra and who is responsible for the sun providing the life saving rays that are responsible for agriculture? And why doesn’t the sun simply end all life on earth if there’s no design behind human life or behind animal life because surely the sun can’t possibly know that it is responsible for providing an environment that is conducive to life on earth? 
The scientists/atheists don’t have the answers and they never did and they never will because you see creation is beyond the scope of their finite intelligence and they are merely grasping at straws while trying to make themselves look good, however, they are fully cognizant of the fact that “The Gospel of Science” is nothing more than junk science since evolution cannot  be reproduced inside a laboratory. I reject Philosophical Science since it is nothing more than wild speculation and since it is nothing short of the religion of the atheists that refuse to accept the existence of the Original Intelligence, however, I fully embrace Empirical Science since it is what I learned while coming up and because it is also what was used by my father when  he worked in the aerospace industry. In addition, The O.I. or The Original Intelligence designed the set of laws that make Empirical Science possible. If man did not establish the laws of physics who did? Did the laws of physics evolve? I think not. Because you see the laws of physics existed prior to the creation of human beings and the scientists/atheists which are nothing more than Artificial Intelligence are simply exploiting that which already existed prior to human beings coming on the scene. 
God or the Original Intelligence used a form of physics to create us and to create the universe and we have been permitted to utilize a portion of the physics that were used, however, we will never be permitted to use everything because we cannot be allowed to become like the Original Intelligence because  you see we are far too violent of a species to be allowed to wield that kind of power because it wouldn’t be long before we would set out to challenge those that created us and before we would make war with those that were created before us and The O.I. or The Original Intelligence which can be seen or interpreted as plural for those that don't believe in a single creator would have to step in less we become extinct through means of a coalition of paranormal entities. 
Our power is limited for a reason and we should be thankful that it is because the moment that we show that we are on par with the gods, is the moment that we must be set back by means of a Cosmic EMP, which is what was used to start us over and which is what is always used to start us over as a species, so don’t be  surprised when the cosmic reset button is pressed since our collective technological progress is being closely monitored despite what the scientists/atheists want to admit and despite their plans to stop the reset from occurring in their life time since they obviously view themselves as being much, much smarter than those that came before them and that experienced the involuntary reset. The Cosmic EMP affects all electrical devices including our brains and this is why knowledge is lost and why we must start over from scratch.
Remember the foolhardy blacks that occupied Atlantis and that dared to defy the gods or the Extraterrestrials that were monitoring their technological progress? Atlantis was sacked by a group of matter based  Extraterrestrials that were determined to stop the disease of defiance from spreading throughout the entire planet since this is the home of the homo sapiens. Are we the next Atlantis since Empirical Science has encompassed the entire world and since we have a universal language that’s called English and since we have demonstrated that we are no longer children and that we want to explore the rest of the universe just like The O.I.? Perhaps we shall find out in the not too distant future. The signs are there for anyone that has the ability to perceive them. Have you ever considered why it is necessary for us to be called human beings or homo sapiens? Is this classification only for us humans to be able to recognize ourselves as human or as earth dwellers or is it also for the other non terrestrial creatures to be able to identify us as another life form? Who are we announcing our presence to and why did we leave a recorded greeting (33-rpm gold plated record of Camelot) on the moon if no other creatures are out there and why did we feel the need to define our species or to lay claim to the moon if no one else is out there? Are we expecting a mass visitation in the not too distant future and is this why some people are saying that they feel that something big is coming? Did John F. Kennedy acknowledge the existence of Extraterrestrials and could this be why the Camelot record was left by the Apollo Astronauts? I'll allow you to draw your own conclusions.  
Now let me just state for the cosmic record of report that “Paranormal Activity” is undeniably real because you see unlike Philosophical Science which is replete with racist evolutionary principles, Empirical Science, which is also known as hard science, created certain devices that have allowed us to capture the phenomena on film and on audio recordings, which is what the uninitiated have been clamoring for, however, paranormal investigators such as myself realize that there is absolutely no substitute for the human body because while our electronic devices might fail under pressure, the human body never lies and you will get the very same feeling while encountering a ghost or a demon or an angelic being that you will get while encountering an Extraterrestrial Entity that’s visiting our planet.   
Below is a link to my word press blog that will allow you to listen to various on demand episodes that I’ve done with respect to paranormal activity. You will also be able to read the transcripts as well as the accompanying commentary and you will learn a great deal about the paranormal entities that are visiting our realm. Don't believe the hype about no one knowing what's out there simply because a few handpicked mouth pieces are trying to deceive you and because they can't offer any answers. I know and have known for a very long time and did not obtain my knowledge from those that are in the dark. Don't limit yourselves to a few well known personalities because they simply do not have a monopoly on the truth and others like myself are dealing with real life paranormal activity and with the kind of paranormal entities that would cause a lesser man to need psychotropic drugs or a stiff shot of whiskey on a constant and daily basis.

I need neither.

What I provide during my radio episodes cannot be found on the evening news. It’s real life paranormal activity and it’s the kind of material that would even terrify the best Hollywood writers since it deals with real life Demons and with Eternal Protoplasmic Projections and with Angelic Beings and with Extraterrestrials and with Shadow People and with other Supernatural Occurrences and with other Supernatural Creatures and with Numerical Communications that are taking place between me and the deities that are working behind the scenes.  
I Carmichael Wolfe "The Eclectic Novelist" saw the numbers 11:11 five times yesterday, and four were in a row, and on various electronic time keeping devices, and the fifth was when I was about to retire for the night. 
11:11 is the mark of a specific set of angelic beings and it means that they are around and that they want you to know that they’re with you. 
May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.