The truth is that there never has been total freedom or equality for African Americans since whites that came from families that did not own slaves willfully participated in the Post Slavery Climate that denied blacks employment and housing and access to hotels and to restaurants and to clothing stores and to grocery stores and to movie theaters and to churches while welcoming others into the country and into their neighborhoods and into their homes and into their Satanic churches since the Apostle Paul never commanded the true Christians of the Biblical era to deny black skinned people access to worship God.  

These same uncivilized white Americans also beat and attacked human beings simply because of the color of their skin while they were attending church Sunday after Sunday.

The innocent victims of this deplorable behavior that started over 400 years ago and that has continued with the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were attacked by a group of uncivilized white savages that had the audacity to call themselves Christians, but who were and are agents of evil since true Christians don’t gun down or choke to death black citizens. The whole reason that black churches had to be established in the first place was because uncivilized white savages that were calling themselves Christians were beating innocent church going blacks as they were kneeling down and praying to God inside the white churches that were in their neighborhoods.

This is a historical fact just like the fact that whites ruthlessly burned down black churches in an effort to prevent the church going blacks from worshipping God.

These savages who don’t know Jesus and who were not Christians deliberately interrupted the prayers of real Christians as they were praying to God, however, blacks that left the United States and that went to civilized white countries were able to pray side by side with real white Christians who were nothing like the savages that were born and raised in the Continental United States of America, which is a country that produces Grand Juries that cannot indict a group of Filthy White Supremacists that gun down unarmed American teenagers that just happen to be black, and who choke to death defenseless black Americans.  

These same disgusting uncivilized white savages are also responsible for killing black children, which makes them no better than the demonically possessed savages that were killing black men women and children during slavery.

Nothing has changed because the very same atrocities that existed during slavery still exist today.

White officers that were filled with nothing but pure hatred for blacks also shot a black female below the waist and laughed about it as she was clutching her genitals while screaming and crying. These are the actions of the demonically possessed, and true Christians have a God given right to stand against this kind of blatant evil since they are the ones that are covered by the blood of Jesus.

In any struggle for freedom and absolute equality one will find the presence of Marching and Rioting. However, the use of technology must not be overlooked, which is why I advocate Live Streaming Cameras that will capture the beatings and the killings and the shootings of black Americans, so the civilized whites throughout the world can see what’s happening behind “The American Curtain of White Racism.”

Every African American should become a photo journalist that captures the activity of the police throughout the 50 states because this is the kind of irrefutable photo evidence that the United Nations needs to see, so it can come to understand that Law Enforcement as a whole in the United States is a "Threat to World Security" since a nation that is constantly abusing its citizens and that is constantly at war with its citizens cannot effectively sustain peace throughout the world and since it also cannot be seen as credible while speaking to other nations about human rights violations when the members of Law Enforcement in its own country are also guilty of massacring its citizens that are defenseless in the face of gun toting uncivilized animals that have a thirst for human blood and suffering and that feel that it’s okay to kill blacks on a constant and daily basis since the beating and the killing and the shooting and the maiming of black Americans has gone on in the United States for over 400 years.  

Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”

A proud American. 


Like many of you I started out as the ultimate skeptic, and I mean I didn't believe in anything except the existence of God, however, after experiencing certain phenomena that had no rational explanation, I was therefore forced to re-examine my whole approach to life since nothing in my previous life had prepared me for the mysteries that would soon start unfolding around me. 

I began to consult science since I had always gotten good grades in the subject and since I enjoyed conducting the experiments, and I quickly found out that science didn't have the answers that I was looking for and that it wasn't even as old as the African Mystery System or as old as the Egyptians or as old as the Mayans or as old as the Aztecs. And armed with this startling revelation, since my father had always talked about putting science before everything due to working on sophisticated items for a government contractor, I decided to give science another chance, and I started talking to others in the scientific field, however, they were frightened of the unknown and wanted nothing to do with the things that they simply couldn't understand.

So, I contacted members of the clergy and they couldn't explain it either and simply said what we don't know God knows, however, this wasn't enough for me because you see I'm the consummate thinker and the quintessential seeker and the ultimate investigator since I'm not afraid to explore any mystery no matter how difficult or perplexing it might be. And given my aforementioned make up I started to search out other sources because I knew that the modern day humans couldn't be the only ones to experience this perplexing paranormal phenomena since this is something that is millions and millions and possibly even billions of years old based on its uncanny ability to do whatever it pleases  to us humans who are by all accounts more sophisticated than all of the humans that have ever lived before us, but yet we are still plagued by the same phenomena that was harassing the humans in the bible and that was also present in medieval times, so how far have we  really come when  we don't even have basic defenses against the Paranormal Entities, which include the Extraterrestrials, that continue to enter our space and that continue to harass and to abduct our fellow human beings while our leaders are powerless to do anything about their presence or about their citizens being taken hostage and raped and mutilated and experimented on and killed. 

I'm just saying.  

Now based on my encounters with the clergy and with certain members of the scientific community that were afraid to even approach the subject of Extraterrestrials and other Paranormal Entities, I was able to determine that we as human beings have never been able to use physics or any other science to explain the Paranormal or the existence of Extraterrestrials or UFOs, and that we are simply wasting our time by trying to use scientific methods to explain what cannot be explained since what we're dealing with is beyond the kind of physics that we're using in this particular realm.  Our limited physics and scientific methods can only help us better observe what others have been seeing for years. Cameras and audio recordings and video cameras simply help us capture the moment of the occurrence, however, they can never be used to fully explain why the phenomena exist or why it's able to exist in our realm when it completely different from anything that's here. Scientific devices such as the camera will also never explain how the dimensions are being connected with one another since some of the Paranormal Entities including the Extraterrestrials are dimensional creatures. In addition, the camera will never be able to tell us whether or not  we can also be seen in the other dimensions by those that are just as curious about us as we are about them.

Science has its limits and given what I've learned as a fourth dimensional thinker, I know for a fact that we are being seen in the other realms and that this is part of the reason that some of the Extraterrestrials are traveling here since we are also appearing as Paranormal Entities and as visitors in their realms, however, this isn't the only answer because some of these beings are from our universe and they're determined to colonize this planet in very much the same manner that the Europeans did when they traveled all around the world conquering and civilizing and bringing Christianity.  

Now I'm going to share something with you that caused me to be open to more than one explanation. Carmichael Wolfe became a teenage paranormal investigator, which  is rare, after his high school biology teacher played some audio recordings in  the class room that had clearly captured the voices of the dead. The audio  recordings were made at a cemetery and there was a young woman that was  approximately twenty to twenty one years old based on the sound of her voice and our closeness to her in age, and she was saying, "Where am I. Someone help me, I'm scared." And there were some older voices that were coming to her aid and  they sounded like men and women that had died in their 40s 50s and 60s and they  were saying, "Don't worry everything will be all right." The older voices were  clearly coming from a group of humans that had been dead for quite some time and  that heard her calling out for help since she was still trying to figure out why  she was no longer with her mother and father and why she was in a cemetery  without anyone that she knew.

The older spirits had clearly gotten past the shock of being  separated from their love ones. 

 I have investigated all manner of  things including a piece of paper that was allowing African Americans and  Hispanics to see the face of Jesus.

Below is a link to my show that will allow you to listen to two never before heard Extraterrestrial accounts as well as some information on the connection between dead humans and Extraterrestrials and UFOs. Plus you'll be able to hear about certain African American-to-Extraterrestrial encounters and what they could have possibly meant for our nation.


Lyceum Of The Wolfe is courageously being brought to those few select individuals that want to fill their nights and days with more than just the mundane, and it is also intended for the people that have an interest in hearing about the Mysterious Occurrences that are taking place on this planet and that are being experienced by their fellow human beings.

The goal of the host Carmichael Wolfe "The Eclectic Novelist" is to enlighten the public about certain paranormal events, and to advise everyone that Extraterrestrials and UFOs fall under the same category as the other events that are classified as Paranormal or as Supernatural. And this is something that you'll learn while studying Metaphysics from a school that teaches the correct Metaphysics since Metaphysics means beyond physics.

Now what I say to the naysayers and to the skeptics alike is you should definitely keep an open mind because the invasion is already underway and has been for quite some time, however, since only a few select individuals have been chosen to receive the revelation, you as a staunch skeptic won't believe and therefore try to use science to discount what you simply don't understand, however, my message to you is as follows.

Just as the men and women in the Holy Bible were chosen, so too are the modern day humans.
And if you'll recall from the holy text, not everyone had encounters with God or with the angels or with demons or with objects that were seen in the sky thousands of years before man is said to have developed the ability to fly.

Can the defiant and hardhearted skeptic in you, that lacks the understanding as well as the civility and the temperament that is required to perceive certain things that are of a paranormal or supernatural or Extraterrestrial nature, provide a credible explanation for why only a select few individuals in the Holy Bible had experiences that are of a paranormal or supernatural nature when the vast majority didn't? Were they also crazy as you unfairly state that some of your fellow human beings are simply because they're able to see what you're not and simply because they were chosen over you? Did someone or something mysterious and that's beyond your comprehension create us human beings or not? And if you do indeed believe in the concept of cause and effect like the vast majority of the people on this planet then pray tell where the substances came from that mankind originally developed from?

Skeptic: there's a lot that we don't know and that science can't explain, so I propose that we work together on solving the mysterious occurrences that are happening on the third rock from the sun, and while it is certainaly admirable to want to explore the universe, we ought to find out what's happening in our own backyards because it's far more pressing than anything that's billions of miles away, however, we must first have the courage and the ablitity to perceive that we need answers to the questions that have been placed before us by the gods or by the deities or by the angels or by the demons or by Almighty God Himself, and we must also grow up as human beings otherwise we will continue to be the same bullies that discouraged individuality and belief and research into other possibilities.

I'm fortunate that I had a spirited Hispanic biology teacher that openly conducted research into the unexplained including taking reel to reel tape recorders to the cemetery where he and others recorded the voices of the dead. My teacher was not originally from America, however, he had a desire to make sure that us Americans understood that the world was far more mysterious than we had ever thought that it could be and far more mysterious than the evening news told us that it was. I became a teenage paranormal investigator after my biology teacher played the audio recordings inside the classroom and after he opened my eyes to the unexplored world that we find ourselves living in.

Carmichael Wolfe "The Eclectic Novelist" wishes you a pleasant day and a day that is filled with the kind of answers that you seek.

Below you will find the link for the Lyceum Of The Wolfe Radio Show.


The Emerging New World



April 4, 2009



In the future I predict that wars will be fought in an entirely different way due to the advent of 4K technology (i.e., Close to life like images or extremely realistic television based representations of human beings and their environments-3D as seen through the naked eyes without the use or need of glasses-appearing to be in the room with you or appearing to be coming through the television-and appearing to be somewhat interactive, meaning so life like that you can touch them) and due to some of the advancements that will surely come after it as well as the discovery of highly advanced Extraterrestrial Technology that will give the United States the technological advantage over all of the other nations.


For example, matter based projections of soldiers will blanket future battlefields and soldiers will be able to fight wars from the comfort of classrooms and from the comfort of their homes and from the comfort of above and below ground military structures or facilities that have been strategically placed throughout the world.


And what exactly do I mean by this statement? Well, what I mean is that the nation that develops this Tele-Representational Technology, which will allow the life like images or projections of soldiers to therefore harness energy moving forces and material appearances (i.e., real matter that consists of human eyes, ears, noses, arms, legs, etc. and physical weaponry and tanks and airplanes and battleships that fire real bullets) will be able to kill without being killed themselves since only their representations will actually be seen as taking part or participating in the war and which will be indistinguishable from the real thing and which will appear to the opposing side to die real deaths and which will disappear from the battlefield or fields with a push of a button once the other side has lost and once the cameras are no longer rolling.


And this, my friends will be the deciding factor in all future wars.


Now there will be other applications for this new technology as well and they are as follows, but are not limited to the following descriptions.


Criminals will use the new Tele-Representational Technology to carry out heists and bank robberies since only their representations will be seen by the police. And once the technology advances to the point that large pieces of physical matter can be successfully removed without the need for the criminal to stash it somewhere where it can be picked up later by the actual person, everything from wide screen televisions to commercial fleets will start to disappear along with human beings that are either being sprung from prison cells or that are being kidnapped for nefarious reasons. And you can be sure that once the technology advances to the point that the individual end user can decide what he or she wants to feel physically; houses of prostitution will be established and internet dating sites will be established that allow long distance love making to take place from thousands of miles away and even between inter-dimensional species that are able to pick up the transmission. And this will be an instant money maker for corporations and for governments and for individual entrepreneurs and I say this since the representations of these individuals will be able to transmit back to the individual users exactly what it is experiencing both sexually and mentally. And with the individual subscribers being able to have the same physical reactions that their avatar is having including the production of an actual orgasm in addition to the erecting of their male and female penises (i.e., erect clitorises and erect penises) the cash will surely flow in and people will be able to attend work without actually having to be there and they will be able to do so because Tele-Representational Technology will make it all possible. And parents living during the time that this new technology is revealed, won’t even be able to tell the difference between these material beings and their own flesh and blood children because everything that the child is capable of doing their avatars will be able to do as well including urinating and defecating in their diapers, so if a parent has lost a child to sickness or to an accident, Tele-Representational Technology will make it possible for that child to live again and for the parents to watch him or her grow up just like they would have been able to watch their own child develop into a man or a woman.


And with the new Tele-Representational Technology death will become a thing of the past and it will also become a choice and the only ones that will be able to choose are the ones that can afford to pay for the technology. And contract killings and the overthrow of foreign governments will also be accomplished by using Tele-Representational Technology.


And as far fetched as this might sound to the uninitiated, I submit to you that this is already taking place because you see some of the paranormal entities and their space crafts and their onboard operating rooms that humans are being operated on in, are nothing more than representations of beings that are either on other planets or that are transmitting from other dimensions altogether.


And in addition to what has already been said about the new technology that will soon come about as a result of 4K technology, physical representations of surgeons and of physicians will perform physical examinations and routine and highly complexed operations on patients that are thousands of miles away and they will be able to do so because their physical representations along with their instruments will actually be present in the room with the patients and with the doctors and with the nurses from the host country. And whole operating rooms from the United States and other Western countries will be transported into the countries that are willing to allow the West to come in and to cure their sick and their infirmed.


And aside from doctors being able to cure the sick from far away, lawyers will be able to defend their clients without leaving the comfort of their home and court trials will be attended by witnesses and by prosecutors and by judges and by public defenders and by private attorneys that are in other states and that are vacationing outside the country. And students will be able to physically attend classes and they will be able to take bus rides and train rides and car rides and motorcycle and helicopter and airplane rides with their friends and they will also have the ability to eat food and to get full while eating out with their friends and no one will be the wiser because only the rich will be able to afford the technology unless the government subsidizes it for everyone. And the President of the United States will be able to attend meetings in foreign countries without even having to leave the white house. And he will also have the ability to send Tele-Representational Troops to fight against Extraterrestrials that are trying to invade planet earth and the battles will be fought on the planets of the invading Extraterrestrials and in their dimensions and in their galaxies before any physical battles ever take place on the third rock from the sun. And police officers will be able to apprehend suspects without putting their physical lives into harms way because their cities will pay for the technology and parents will never miss another recital or another basketball game or another baseball game or another football game because they’ll be their even if they have to work because you see Tele-Representational Technology will allow up to five different avatars at a time and the children won’t know the difference unless their parents tell them and the units will be small enough to store underneath the parents bed and they will simply open the password protected device that will be just a litte bigger than a briefcase and they will step onto the platform and a beam of light will encircle them and the beam of light will connect them to their representation or to their many representations.


And Tele-Representational Technology will solve the dilemma of not being able to work two or more different professions at the same time because you see since Tele-Representational Technology will allow up to five different avatars at a time, one can easily be a police officer, a F.B.I. agent, a C.I.A. agent, a Senator, a radio personality, a call girl, a restaurant owner, a professional hitman or hitwoman, or anything else that he or she wants to be since the avatar can be present anywhere. And imagine being a cop in one state and a F.B.I. or a C.I.A. agent in another state and a professional hitman or hitwoman in yet another state. 


Lastly, movies will be filmed in unreachable locations like the center of the Bermuda Triangle for example and films will also be filmed in remote places like Mars and like Jupiter because Tele-Representational Technology will make it possible and physical representational travel will also become a reality and a possibility and the travelers will experience what the ancient Africans and what the ancient Egyptians experienced when they employed the use of various chemical agents to alter their states so they could travel to other dimensions and to other planets without having to leave planet earth and many of these travelers were called Afronauts.


And one final tidbit about the “Emerging New World” is that the C.I.A. will be the first to use the Tele-Representational Technology once it has been perfected to the point that it can be used to remove matter and they will use it to carry out regime changes and to bring war criminals to justice and to extradite individuals like Hugo Chavez and to bring to justice those the likes of the infamous drug traffickers that are running Mexico and there will be no escape because technology is always the deciding factor in a conflict and once they have the ability to transport matter then look out because whole cities will disappear and dictators and their body guards will be placed on hostile planets that the C.I.A. knows is ruled by Extraterrestrial beings that have a taste for human flesh.   


Yours Truly,

Carmichael Wolfe


Taken from the novel “The Playground”

ISBN: 1608447669


Copyright 2010