Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 02/22/2014

The Unanswered Extraterrestrial Questions

Today is 02/22/2014 which is yet another day in our paranormal lives and for record’s sake this is episode 36 and I would like to start tonight’s program off by stating that I don’t follow the theories of others since I am an Original and was not put on the earth to become a bloody parrot, which is why I will challenge you to think about certain theories that have already been posited by certain famous people.

Now to start let me plainly state that I do not get my knowledge from mere mortals, which is why you don’t hear me talking about the works of others during my broadcast since my whole purpose for doing my own show is to bring you certain information that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to like the never before heard information that I provided the listeners regarding “The Battle for Los Angeles” which was captured during Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Seventeen which I recorded on 10/24/2012.  

This is information that you were never meant to receive since the hysterical media or the historical media, which I call the hysterical media, purposely didn’t interview any of the African American witnesses that witnessed the battle that took place between the humans and the Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft that was active over the skies of Los Angeles. This is something that all humans have a right to know since these Extraterrestrials are still out there and can return at anytime since they have superior technology and cannot be stopped by those that have been trusted to protect us.

Don’t you want to know the truth about the Extraterrestrial beings that are coming here? Well, if your answer is yes, then you’re listening to the right program and you’re also reading the correct transcript since I’m dedicated to bringing you more and more Paranormal History 101W lessons that are taken directly from The Forbidden P Files of Human History, so don’t forget that Lyceum Of The Wolfe Radio is available twenty four hours a day and seven days week, and which will still be available long after I have shed by earthly body, so I can take my seat amongst the gods that created mankind out of the dust of the earth.

Now you were told in the past that a group of Extraterrestrials manipulated an existing species, which produced us humans, however, this theory still doesn’t provide an explanation for who or what created the species that was manipulated. In addition, the aforementioned explanation also doesn’t explain why the creator of said species would allow these lesser beings or these Extraterrestrials or these aliens to manipulate a species that he created. The theory leaves more questions than answers since it does not tell us who created the species that was manipulated or why the account is different from what’s said or laid out in Genesis. In addition, there’s another theory that also leaves more questions than answers since it suggests that the Extraterrestrials that manipulated the species that eventually became us, were only pretending to be the true God.

Well. if the aforementioned is true, then who is the true God if he isn’t the Extraterrestrials that manipulated the species that produced us modern day humans, and where can he be found? And more importantly, does he even know that we exist since he didn’t create us? The theories don’t address these questions and they also leave the intellectually curious to wonder how the true God, as he’s being called, could by their God if he didn’t create them and if they’re the product of a manipulated species that bears the mark of the Extraterrestrials that infused the species with their DNA?

The intellectually curious are also left to ask themselves why these Extraterrestrials that manipulated the species that produced us humans are not our God or our Gods since they created us and since the true God is described as creating certain things, which makes him God?

So again the intellectually curious are also left to ask themselves why these Extraterrestrials that manipulated the species that produced us humans are not our God or our Gods since they created us and since the true God is described as creating certain things which makes him God?

Let’s stop for a moment while we contemplate what has already been posited by the two theories that are really the same theory since the second theory resulted from a belief that the first theory was correct that suggests that we are the product of a manipulated species that was happened upon by a race of superior beings that are known as the Annunaki.

What if the first and the second theory are correct, but have been delivered without the proper explanation? For example, what if there are two separate historical records that describe what actually took place in the history of mankind?

I will explain.

Let’s say that the Genesis account fully describes what actually happened when mankind was first created from the dust by the Elohim or by the Annunaki or by “The Creator Gods” that were the first group of Extraterrestrials to seed the planet earth. And let’s say that these first humans were the species that was later manipulated by a second group of Extraterrestrials that came to the earth, and that didn’t have the ability to create human beings from the dust, and that decided to manipulate the early humans in order to get them to mine the gold for them, which is something that the first humans were not created to do since they were free to live upon the earth in peace and harmony.

Now what if the fall of mankind describes the corrupting of the first humans by the second group of Extraterrestrials that completely altered the course of human history by turning these previously free humans into slaves? And what if “The Creator Gods” returned and saw what was done to their creation and couldn’t undo what had been done since “The sinister Gods” had infused the previously created species of humans with their DNA? And what if they told the humans that they would toil until they returned to the dust since they couldn’t fix them due to the DNA of The Dark Side of The Extraterrestrial coin?

It gives you something to think about doesn’t it?

Now could these other Extraterrestrials that are indeed “The Sinister Gods” have told the humans that were infused with their DNA that they were their gods since they turned them into what they became? This would certainly address the issue of the humans being told that the Extraterrestrials that made them work were their gods since they turned them into slaves. It would also address the issue of the existing species being manipulated by a superior race of Extraterrestrial beings.

Now that I have gotten you to think about the two theories in a different way. What if the wars that we have been told about actually took place between the Extraterrestrials that created the first species of human beings and between the Extraterrestrials that manipulated their creation and that made them mine the gold? Is it at all possible that this is what sparked the wars between the gods that fought for control of the planet earth and for the hearts and the minds of the humans that dwell and dwelt upon it?

What if “The Creator Gods” thought that they could get rid of the manipulated species by drowning them with a massive flood? And what if they realized afterwards that they couldn’t rid the earth of the corrupted species due to genetic memory and due to the infectious DNA that was placed upon the humans by “The Sinister Gods” that are still manipulating mankind to this very day and that want to bring about population control, so the humans that have the instinct to kill can rule the earth while the God fearing humans that know that they have been corrupted try to live better lives?

One thing that is for certain is that the original humans were corrupted and the Elohim couldn’t undo what had been done to them by the serpent that represents “The Sinister Gods” that changed the course of human history.

So, before you start to run away with the prevailing theories that suggest that we were manipulated by a highly advanced species, I invite you to take a look at the Genesis account and at the other explanations, and to begin to see them as two separate acts that took place in human history and that made us who we are today.

So I ask you again could these other Extraterrestrials that are indeed “The Sinister Gods” have told the humans that were infused with their DNA that they were their gods since they turned them into what they became? This would address the issue of the humans or the human beings being told that the Extraterrestrials that made them work were their gods since they turned them into slaves. It would also address the issue of the existing species being manipulated by a superior race of Extraterrestrial beings.

There’s a lot that most humans don’t know and that they have not even contemplated because the air waves have been filled with the theories of certain people that have great publicists and that have friends that are radio hosts and that continue to mention their name as well as their theory without asking certain questions like what if “The Creator Gods” thought that they could get rid of the manipulated species by drowning them with a massive flood? I’m speaking about Noah’s Flood or the Flood of Gilgamesh. And what if they realized afterwards that they couldn’t rid the earth of the corrupted species due to genetic memory and due to the infectious DNA that was placed upon the humans by “The Sinister Gods” that are still manipulating mankind to this very day and that do indeed want to bring about population control.

You see after everything was started over after the great flood had taken place. People went back to being what they were, which was violent and manipulative and controlling. So the purpose of this particular broadcast is to get you to look at the two theories in a different light because both theories are about us human beings as a species, but the problem is that the people that are posting these theories aren’t giving you the order in which they should flow because you cannot have a theory that says that this species was manipulated by this group of Extraterrestrials without explaining who created that species, so when you look at the Genesis account and you place that account before the theory about us being manipulated by the Extraterrestrials you get the flow of how things transpired because you will begin to see that we’re dealing with two different periods in time.

We’re dealing with the creation of the first species where the man was formed from the dust, so this explains exactly where this species came from that was manipulated.

You also see in the Genesis account that this species was uncontaminated until the serpent came along, which again represents “The Sinister Gods” (i.e., the dark side of the Annunaki coin since “The Creator Gods” represent the good side of the same Annunaki coin) and corrupted it.

You also see the original beings or the “The Creator Gods” came back and saw what was done to their creation and that they obviously could not repair the damage, so they basically abandoned it and it was at the mercy of “The Sinister Gods” that had damaged it.

When you get the correct order of things then you will begin to develop a better understanding.

So, now that we have established that the Genesis account is telling you how everything came about, we can look at this other theory about us being manipulated by the superior race of beings, which is basically telling you what the serpent did, but in another way since it expounds on it. Also when we look at the other theory that basically says that we were turned into slaves and that we were made to work; it is telling you what was said since what was said is that you will toil until you return to the dust. This is all that it is saying. So when you begin to look at it in the correct order then you will develop a better understanding of it, but we still have to tackle the question which is if these beings that manipulated the existing species are not the true God then who is? In order to get back to that you have to go the Genesis account to see what the Elohim or the Annunaki or the gods did.

I told you in another episode (Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Twenty Four) which was recorded on 03/13/2013 about the simulation of creation, however, if you have a limited level of paranormal consciousness then you’ll never get it because I explained it and certain people got it and certain people didn’t because their minds are clouded with hundreds of years of accepted explanations just like these two theories that I mentioned at the beginning have become accepted without anyone stopping to ask the question how did we get to that point? You see we need to know who created the species that was manipulated and if you look at the Genesis account then you’ll get that answer and then you can move to the next stage of the species being manipulated, but you cannot go to that point until you understand who created the species to begin with because it leaves too many questions and I’m not here as a theologian or as anything like that. I look at the ancient text as well as the ancient art work as I’ve explained before and that’s how I am able to tell what took place and that these Extraterrestrial beings are real. Plus I have had personal interactions, so you can line up 15,000 Whitepaper Scientists and they can say these things in the sky don’t exist and I’ll tell them you’re insane because I’m not going to believe you over my own self and nor am I going to believe you over the millions of people that have seen these beings and that have  interacted with them. I’m simply not going to do it because although a certain individual received all kinds of awards for writing books which are good novels he never addressed the question of who created the species. Also the person that based their theory off of his theory says well these people were pretending to be the true God, but he showed no evidence of who is the true God because if these people or if these beings that manipulated the existing species are not God then we need to find out who God is and whether or not he even knows that we exist.

Now in another episode (Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Fifteen) which was recorded on 09/25/2012 I explained to you about “The Tower Of Babel” and what it symbolized. Basically it was a space program that the humans had developed and they were going to have a conversation with the God of the Extraterrestrial beings that had manipulated us and that were controlling us on this planet because they had discovered who he was. They had discovered who the God was that created the beings that created us and that were manipulating us and they were trying to build a spacecraft to go up there to have a conversation with him, so they could tell him about what these people or what these beings were doing to us on this planet and when the Extraterrestrial beings found out about it they destroyed it and mixed up all of the languages. This is really what happened. And again I do not receive my knowledge from mere mortals, so I’m not going to follow the theories of other created beings because I know that they are not looking at things in the proper order, and that’s why I’m here to explain to you what order to put it in, so you can finally understand what took place in our collective human history because we really need to know and the intellectually curious deserve to know the answer to the question that if these beings created us human beings then are they or are they not our Gods or God?

If the God or Gods that created the Extraterrestrial beings that created the human beings through manipulation did not create them directly and did not infuse them with his or with their DNA then they don’t belong to him or to them and he or they are not their God or Gods and this is the very reason why the Extraterrestrials that made human beings into what they wanted them to be, which is slaves, told them we are your gods. They didn’t lie when they said that. They said we are your gods because they made them into what they were and they could not say to them well your God or Gods are the same as our God or Gods because their God or Gods did not create human beings. Their God or Gods created them and then they created human beings.

So when someone says well the true God. Well, who is the true God? Show us where he is and then let us ask him whether or not he is our God. I suspect that if we were to look at all of the things that have happened the answer would be no because he or they did not have any role in infusing the humans with DNA.

You have “The Creator Gods” (i.e., the good side of the Annunaki coin) that created the first species that was manipulated and then you have “The Sinister Gods” (i.e., the bad side of the Annunaki coin) that came along and manipulated the first species that were created by “The Creator Gods” that could not put their creation back to its original state and this is basically where we are. This is where we are today and the same Sinister Gods that manipulated the species and that taught them to war are active on this planet right now and they are the ones that want to bring about population control because there are many humans that are here, and that realize that they have been corrupted, and that are trying to live better lives, and they are trying to STOP the humans that are in CAHOOTS with “The Sinister Gods” that want to bring about population control.

This is what is going on whether you believe it or not.

Remember, you cannot just run away with these theories without asking the tough questions.          

To see where I used the term Elohim and Annunaki to mean the same thing, you can read the transcript for Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Twenty Nine which was recorded on 07/20/2013, and you can also use the following link to listen to the episode.

It is my contention that the Extraterrestrials were created by more than one God just like the humans were, and that the Extraterrestrials that are listed in the Genesis account as the Elohim and in the Atrahasis as the Annunaki, simply recreated what was done to them by their God or Gods when they created human beings.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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The Aborigines have had encounters with the paranormal and so have the North Koreans although the average person doesn't hear much about what actually goes on inside North Korea since they are at odds with the South Koreans.

By openly talking about the paranormal as I have been doing all of my life, I am keeping the traditions of my ancestors that hail from the gorgeous continent of Africa. My ancestors include the Ancient Black Egyptians because they were also Africans and had certain experiences with the paranormal which they wrote about extensively. The Egyptian Underworld is indeed paranormal and so is the ability to communicate with the dead and with the other dimensions.

The fact that the paranormal is being discussed by Latin Americans and by those that hail from Cambodia and by those that occupy the ancient world that we call the third world should tell everyone that the so called civilized world (i.e., the west) as well as the so called uncivilized world (i.e., the third world) have had constant encounters with the paranormal which does indeed make the paranormal Centrist since everyone on the planet is talking about it and since everyone has had encounters with it despite their gender and pigmentation.  

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The desire to control human beings through the flow of information did not start with, “The Ruling Class,” of pirates and thieves and deceivers and it won’t end with them either for we are collectively engaged in an information war, for there are certain entities that don’t want you to know that they exist or that they’re in cahoots with certain human lead governments.

Tune in so that you may experience “Centrist Media” because I pull no punches and tell it like it is. 

Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”

Most people have become so accustomed to listening to disinformation that they instantly become afraid of the real paranormal. For example, if I say to you that the evil one or the dark lord is at work in the world, you automatically think that I'm preaching Christianity to you even though the dark lord or the evil one is a universally accepted phenomena that means the unseen evil force that's behind the scenes, but because you're affected by the images that you see on your television set or that you see at the movies you cannot get past it being Christianity even though I'm speaking purely from a universal platform. 

Also because you're accustomed to listening to a lot of nonsense, you have trouble grasping new concepts that don't come with a musical chorus line since you want to be entertained rather than talked to like an adult. The time has come for you to start thinking like an adult because there are certain forces that are at work in the world and that are going to continue to make things extremely difficult for you. 

You being an American does not make you immune, it makes you a target for evil because there is a debt that has to be paid, and the dark lord is going to collect on that debt whether we like it or not because you see those before us freely accepted the gifts that were given and now the rest of us are left to face the punishment for their past transgressions. However, I have no fear of the world that is to come because I know for a fact that I'm going to live on in this world as well as in the world that is to come because I have already secured my future. 

I am not in this field for the money and have not accepted a single advertising dollar and have also not signed a lengthy government contract to become a disinformation agent and nor have I appointed myself as one, so you can be assured that Carmichael Wolfe "The Eclectic Novelist" will not trick you into believing a lie.

I have been broadcasting and writing about the paranormal without any financial incentive. I am simply trying to help you obtain a state of enlightenment while others are simply trying to sell you their latest book or DVD. 

In the following radio episode that I'm going to provide the link for below, I talk about The Troika which is Russian for three and I also explain what happened to a Hispanic man that was raped by a male demon that he met at a nightclub in Orange County California. 

Demons are inter-dimensional beings and they have powers that we can't fully comprehend. For example, this particular demon was able to disguise himself as a white female before revealing his true nature and before raping his victim while staring into his face and while breathing on him. 

The kinds of paranormal encounters that I discuss during my program are too terrifying for Hollywood to put on the Silver Screen. 

If you're a true horror fan or a true fan of the paranormal or know of someone that is, they will definitely be interested in Lyceum Of The Wolfe because I bring the kind of unique material that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Ladies and gentlemen only the truly enlightened can understand what I'm saying because it takes a higher level of consciousness to fully comprehend the fact that the entire paranormal paradigm hasn't been revealed. 

Now just to let you know. I don't use any profanity during my show because my show is for young and old alike and you will hear ghost stories as well as stories about demons and Extraterrestrials and UFOs. I cover all aspects of the paranormal which means that I give you the truth when it comes to aliens. We aren't the only ones that are doing the observing. 

The aliens or the Extraterrestrials are also observing us, however, the mainstream media mavens (i.e., The 3Ms) refuse to tell you the truth because they're afraid to go on an Extraterrestrial stakeout because they realize that they can be abducted by the aliens and that they might not be returned which has been the case with some humans and animals and pets. I provided some details on Twitter that the mainstream media mavens can use if they really want to explore the subject of UFOs, however, I'm certain that The 3Ms won't conduct an Extraterrestrial stakeout because their lives will be changed forever if the aliens get their hands on them since they have been denying the truth for a number of years. The 3Ms can visit Redlands California if they want to conduct an Extraterrestrial stakeout and the pseudo alternative media can join them since some of the individuals that make up the pseudo alternative media are just as jaded as the mainstream media.

Well, here's the link that will allow you to learn about The Troika and about The Ghosts of Bakersfield California and about The Demon in the Royal Blue Dress and about El Diablo

Never forget that we are blessed to be Americans and that the United States of America is still the greatest nation on earth. 

Carmichael Wolfe "The Eclectic Novelist"
While I was conducting a live show on 02/20/2013 a male spirit entered the room or the office space where I was broadcasting and he remained in the enclosed space until I completed the broadcast, however, I finished the show even though I was temporarily startled by the unexpected appearance of the uninvited specter that just showed up out of nowhere.

This has happened while I have been conducting other live shows that have been centered around the paranormal, however, since I’m a professional, I always complete the show even if the ghost or spirit moves near to me and causes my voice to fluctuate while the ghosts is temporarily interrupting my train of thought due to its electrical signature that is completely different from a human being and from a demon or a devil.

You see when you’re a paranormal investigator, and when you have dealt with the varying degrees of the paranormal like I have, you simply learn to work through these sorts of things, however, those that conduct shows that are centered around the mundane generally don’t have to deal with apparitions since the only people that are listening to them are humans, which makes their shows a little easier to do since ghosts tend to cause one to want to jump out of their skin once they first appear since their electrical signature interacts with our skin or with our nerve endings, which is indeed what causes the uneasy feeling. This also happens when Extraterrestrials come around and when one either feels the presence of one of their space crafts or witnesses it with their naked eye. The person does an involuntary double take or a triple take depending on how close the paranormal entity is to their comparative position and some have even fainted after being unexpectedly touched by an Extraterrestrial or by a demon or by a devil or by an EPP or by a ghost.

Now what I will tell you is that some Eternal Protoplasmic Projections or EPP are often drawn to certain subjects since many of them were actively engaged in the study of parapsychology while they were alive and still remember what it was like to be on a quest for the truth despite everything that the Whitepaper Scientists/Artificial Intelligence Operatives might have told them and others throughout their life time.

The Eternal Protoplasmic Projections or disembodied spirits are also interested in aiding the paranormal investigators that have come after them and that have dedicated themselves to the paranormal paradigm and to finding answers to some of the perplexing questions that have haunted men and women for years.

I am on a quest for the truth and have been on this journey ever since I was a child and will do my absolute very best to bring forth the truth, and this is why I have continued to broadcast even though I have had certain visitors that have shown up from the other side while I have been doing a live show, however, a professional continues to do the show no matter what, and he or she is not deterred by the specters that are interested in listening in or that might be interested in keeping the truth from coming out.

Some radio host believe in editing their shows, however, I want the listeners to connect with a real person that isn't reading from a teleprompter or from an autocue or from a piece of paper, and that is dedicated to bringing them the paranormal in its rawest form despite what might be going on around him.

I don’t believe in editing my shows and this is why they are all conducted in a live format since I want the listeners to understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

Paranormal investigators that were active during the sixties and the seventies didn't edit their material and they also didn't include music during their audio recordings because they wanted the listeners or the researchers that were going to come after them to understand the seriousness of what they were dealing with, and dressing up an audio recording tends to take away from the original intent since the listening audience should be able to experience what the person is experiencing while they’re providing the information, which essentially means that If the paranormal investigator/radio host is startled by the sudden appearance of a visitor that’s from the other side, it should be reflected in their presentation, so that the backdrop can be shared with the listening audience at a later date since they need to understand what’s going on behind the scenes and what some paranormal investigators are experiencing.

The original Exorcist that was filmed in 1973 still terrifies people to this very day and it has never been duplicated despite the best special effects because you see it was filmed with the seriousness that the subject matter deserves and you didn't have a group of nonsensical skeptics that know nothing at all about the paranormal, and that have had no real world experience, controlling the narrative from behind the scenes. All aspects of the paranormal deserve to be treated in the very same manner as the original Exorcist including Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft or UFOs and Extraterrestrial Entities. I approach the paranormal with the seriousness that it deserves, which is indeed what I try to capture during my radio broadcasts, which is the underline reason that I don’t believe in editing since I must give it to you straight since the paranormal is as real as it gets.

The male spirit entered the room on 02/20/2013 shortly after I started describing the stages of demonic possession as well as what eventually transpired with the two African Americans that were demonically possessed. Again the spirit remained in the room with me until the program concluded.

True professionals keep rolling no matter what, and this is why I continued with the program despite the unexpected appearance of the male ghost that got a little too close for comfort at times.

I have been talking about the paranormal and about the Extraterrestrials, who are indeed known as the gods in certain circles, ever since I could talk, and used to freak my elementary school teachers out because they could tell that I had been visited and that I was speaking the truth since my very first experience with the paranormal or with the other side of this superimposed reality that we call life happened while I was still in the crib.

The war is for the mind and I first realized that we were living in a superimposed reality after observing the clouds as a child because you see the clouds that I observed didn't behave like normal clouds because they didn't move and the wind had absolutely no effect on them whatsoever and they effectively revealed the presence of the entities that were watching us humans from a distance, and if you allow the malevolent entities that are on the other side of this reality or the humans/thought police that want to control your thoughts to keep you from speaking out about the paranormal, then you have already been defeated since there is no honor in keeping quiet about the paranormal.

Below is a link to the show. See if you can pinpoint the precise moment that the ghost entered the room.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”

Host and Creator of Lyceum Of The Wolfe

Paranormal Investigator

Citizen Journalist

Author of The Playground

Independent Producer

Have you ever stopped to ask yourselves why there’s such high level governmental huggermugger or reticence surrounding UFOs and Aliens?

Or why there have been certain government sanctioned spokespersons (i.e., Scientists/Artificial Intelligence Operatives) that have deliberately separated UFOs and Extraterrestrials from the paranormal paradigm where they belong?

You see certain people that are in high places and that love power and money don’t want those that are not in the know to realize that aliens and UFOs have demonic qualities since it's much better for them and for their offspring if everyone just remains in the dark and accepts the Artificial Intelligence Operatives/Whitepaper Scientists and The Ruling Class as the merciless and unquestioned rulers of the human kingdom since a number of the self professed skeptics have started to take a second look at what many have been saying for years, which effectively means that people want answers and that they are no longer content with simply allowing a few self appointed and government appointed physicists to give them a collection of highly insulting and patronizing explanations that are supposed to explain why Extraterrestrials and Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft or UFOs or EMA cannot and do not exist despite the millions of eyewitness accounts.  

The undeniable fact that some human beings of sound body and mind and of varying backgrounds and ethnicities are currently experiencing many of the very same things that are well documented in the unedited version of the Holy Bible that Mauro Biglino translated in an effort to bring the truth to light; is proving to be an eye opener for those that don’t already know the truth since the material that is contained in the Holy Bible has to do with the Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft that were around in biblical times and long before. The aforementioned information is proving to be extremely disturbing for some people because it confirms the existence of certain physical beings as well as the existence of good and evil since humans are having contact with malevolent entities as well as with good ones and since the Extraterrestrials possess the same oppressive influence and power over human beings that everyone has always been told that the demons and devils have.  

Below you will find a link that will allow you to see a clear display of demonic possession. The people that are experiencing the phenomena on the film are not insane. The Extraterrestrials can also control human beings from a distance while using mind control or a form of possession.

Link for Demonic Possession

Link for audio file that describes the stages of demonic possession and the possessed

Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”

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For those that are capable of accepting more than just what we’re seeing on the evening news, the antiquity-based-humans or the ABHs have painted us a road map that can clearly be seen throughout their writings and throughout their art work, and this undeniable road map speaks of the Extraterrestrial Entities that have been visiting our planet for an incalculable number of years since no one really knows for certain when it all started since the visitations could have been going on for thousands of years before anyone decided to write them down and before anyone decided to depict the visitors in various forms of art that can be found throughout the entire world.

Is it merely a coincidence that Africans as well as Chinese are seeing Extraterrestrials and UFOs?   

Is it merely a coincidence that certain individuals are trying to downplay what Dmitry Medvedev said with respect to the Extraterrestrials that are visiting our planet and that are living among us?

The American based scientific community as well as the American based mainstream media cannot control what others do and say when it comes to Extraterrestrials and UFOs, so we ought to take this into consideration before rejecting the idea that certain Extraterrestrials and UFOs exist. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the fact that the current Russian Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev was not trying to influence the American naysayers when he made the statement about Extraterrestrials. Nor was he trying to persuade the Russian people to accept what many of them already have. His statements were made with the understanding that all of the microphones were turned off, which should tell the rest of the world that he was simply conveying the truth based information to a small group of individuals in the media.

The antiquity-based-humans dealt with the Extraterrestrial phenomena much like Dmitry Medvedev did on December 7th 2012 because like him they were thoughtful enough to provide future generations with True To Life Paranormal Encounters that clearly tell us that we are not alone and that there’s much, much more to this life than anyone has ever suspected.

Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”

Host and Creator of Lyceum Of The Wolfe

Paranormal Investigator

Citizen Journalist

Author of The Playground

Independent Producer