For those that don't know. Governments seek to solve their self-created economic woes and rising unemployment through WAR. See the 100 year war.

England and France sent young men to die during the 100 year war which actually lasted 116 years. Economic woes and unemployment  = WAR and DEATH.

A  conventional Government inspired WWIII that involves a perpetual draft  could last 100 years.

Governments  routinely pick your heroes and villains and they use the NEWS as the delivery system.

In the midst of Governments picking and choosing your heroes and villains and shamelessly using the MEDIA as the
delivery system, the gods send men like me that have not sold out.  

Governments must give their citizens heroes and villains that they can cheer for and that  they can fear in order to maintain power.

Governments  also kill the heroes that they choose for you in order to let you know that they alone have the power over life and death.

Governments follow the very same pattern of PUNISHMENT and REWARD that was practiced by,
"The Sinister

Governments control their citizens through a series of heroes and villains that are introduced to them through Government sanctioned media frequencies.

As  a rule Governments try to maintain power over all of the arts since they are indeed a gift from, "The  Creator Gods."

Governments  will seek to control the visual arts as well as the written word and all forms of musical  expression as well as gifted people themselves.

Governments want to be in control of what causes you to cheer and to cringe hence the similar themes in horror movies and in shows about drug cartels. During the 80s it was all about the Cubans (i.e., Tony Montana) and later on it was the Jamaican Posse and the Colombians and New Jack City and now it’s the drug cartels from Mexico.

Governments  have heroic qualities as well as harmful qualities. Just look at dictatorships.

Governments will control your vocabulary and your overall state of mind through radio and television and through movies and by choosing your heroes and villains.

Once Governments choose your heroes and villains you will begin to forget the meanings of certain words that will be lost over time.

The heroes and villains that Governments choose for you will not quote the Greeks  like I do because the profane may not know true history.

Governments will use unenlightened heroes and villains that will instill 3rd world ideas and words that do not Foster understanding.

The unenlightened heroes and villains that have been chosen by certain Governments is the reason that some highschoolers can't do basic arithmetic.

Governments make sure that your chosen heroes and villains appear on mainstream as well as fascist pseudo alternative media programs.

Governments have heroic qualities as well as harmful qualities. Just look at the  dictatorships.

Governments will kill our heroes both literally and figuratively. The Rev. Al Sharpton was a Government chosen hero whose character has been slain in the court of public opinion now that a certain news report has been released that exposes him as a
Government fink.

Being a Government chosen hero means that you will be destroyed at a later date. Al Sharpton is being rejected now that he's a known snitch.  

Remember Government is the unseen system including News and the distribution of music and movies. It's all Government licensed & controlled. Everything has a Government angle for good or worse. Nothing is sacred unless you’re in full control. Big publishing houses make sure that certain books don’t come out since the unsuspecting writer didn’t understand that it was a working appendage of the unseen Government that he or she sent their manuscript to and that they were trying to negotiate with. The same thing happens in radio and television and with screenplays, so you should know the rules before you decide to play, “The Game of Governments.”

Governments must distort your heroes in order to control society. A male and female star will be given a drug addiction and arrested.

Governments will paint some big named singers as pedophiles and as whores and as alcoholics in order to exert their dominance. It's a  game!

Governments  will take the members of a religious group like the Amish and they will make them look extremely bad since they must control reality. Is there really an Amish Mafia or is this the figment of a Hollywood/Government imagination?  

Governments  will have a former child star getting naked in front of the camera for millions of dollars just so you will begin to see her in a negative light.

Governments hold the view that there can only be ONE, which means that the individual Government chosen hero must consent to destruction.

Governments have Minders that will ensure that your Government chosen heroes do retractions and that they recite party lines. It's a Game!

Governments threaten your chosen heroes with financial ruin or with jail. Your heroes are also sent to jail for tax issues

The Demons that control Governments will not allow a thing of beauty to stand alone since it is a threat just like freedom.

For those that don't know the Government (I.e., the system) is outing all snitches of color, which includes whites.

You see the Government Demons that got them to sell out no longer need them. Look at Rizzo and Spacia and Al Sharpton.
These fools just never learn because you see you can’t make a deal with the Devil because he’s going to destroy you when you least expect it and once he has allowed you to grow old and to get used to a comfortable life. The Devil is the father of illusion, for he is indeed “The Cosmic Pimp of Old”  that seduced a third of the angels into rebellion.   

Look at all of the low hanging Democratic and Republican fruit that represent Government and that have fallen after delivering certain demonic messages of absolute dominance and control. The Chief Democrat (Mr. Leland Yee) who was calling for a ban on certain guns right along with Diane Feinstein was running  guns while trying to get you to believe that he was a good guy. Al Sharpton touted drones over a militia and now his character has been destroyed now that "The Snitch Genie" is out the bottle.  

Governments will blow up their own buildings and they will also kill their own citizens all in the name of WAR.

Governments  will lie to their citizens about the culprits of an attack just like Hitler did, and they will do so just so the few can profit off of the deaths of the many.  

Governments  will infect certain sections of the population with deadly diseases like syphilis just to study them.

Governments will divide their citizens up into groups while secretly funding them from behind the scenes in order to control them and in order to use them as a paramilitary faction when necessary. The paramilitary faction isn’t always violent, for they bring forth certain political agendas that divide citizens.  

Governments have heroic qualities as well as harmful qualities. Just look at  dictatorships.

 Certain Governments are indeed lead by Demons and I  know of what I speak because you see I have physically seen the Dark Lord standing with the hounds of hell.

The  Parable of Governments 

Carmichael Wolfe "The Eclectic Novelist"



The Swastika is classified as being the world’s oldest known symbol since it has been around for well over 3000 years, and it is universally accepted as being an undisputed symbol of power.

Throughout the years the Swastika has been called by many different names and it has been shared by multiple cultures. For example, the Chinese call it Wan while the English know it as Fylfot, and the Germans called it Hakenkreuz prior to Hitler and the Nazis misusing the symbol.

The Ancient Greeks also used the symbol and they called it Tetraskellon and Gammadion, however, the current name finds its roots in India since the Indians call the symbol Swastika. The Swastika as it is known today was also used by certain Native Americans as a totem since the Swastika symbolizes life, sun, power, strength, and good luck.

For the Chinese all four directions were equal and meant the same thing, however, there are some cultures that view the Swastika in a different light. For example, some cultures refer to the clockwise Swastika versus the counterclockwise Swastika which is generally accepted to mean bad  luck.

The Swastika was erroneously used by the Nazis and by Hitler as a symbol of national pride, however, as previously stated the Germans already had a history with the Swastika which was known to them as Hakenkreuz, and since the Swastika started out as a religious symbol it will always remain as one for the vast majority of people since the word Swastika was originally taken from the Sanskrit word Svastika where it translates to “Su” for good and to “Asti” for to be and where “Ka” is used as a suffix.

I have provided this same information to many Neo-Nazis that never knew the origin of the Swastika and that thought that it was an invention of Hitler and the Nazis, however, many have had a change of heart once they find out that the symbol never meant hate as it is often portrayed in movies. 

I am qualified to make the aforementioned statements due to my educational background in history which is mentioned in the section that's right next to my blog posts. I have always been interested in symbols and spent countless hours in school conducting the kind of research that allows one to understand the true nature of the Swastika prior to it being perverted and accepted in the Western World as a symbol of hatred. The Swastika never meant hatred and we shouldn't accept it as a symbol of hate because to do so is to give a man like Hitler the kind of power that he doesn't deserve. 

If we are looking for some profound words that a man from Europe spoke then I propose that we choose the words of the German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich  Hegel  instead of  Hitler because Hitler didn't have a single intelligent thing to say unlike Hegel who said, "Governments have never learned anything from history or acted on principles deducted from it," and "Mark this well, you proud men of action! you are after all, nothing but unconscious instruments of the men of thought."

I refuse to give Hitler and the Nazis the kind of power that they don't deserve and I firmly believe that rejecting their offensive redefining of the Swastika is the beginning of cleansing ourselves of the horrible condition that Hitler and the Nazis left the world in after World War II and after the atrocities that were committed during the Holocaust. And if we are to remember anything about the Swastika that was misused by the Nazis in their ridiculous flag, it should be that Hitler and the Nazis purposely stole a time honored religious symbol and added it to their Nazi flag simply because they collectively lacked the intelligence and the creativity and the originality that was required to come up with something new.

Carmichael  Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”
Author of The Playground
ISBN: 1608447669