Have you ever stopped to ask yourselves why there’s such high level governmental huggermugger or reticence surrounding UFOs and Aliens?

Or why there have been certain government sanctioned spokespersons (i.e., Scientists/Artificial Intelligence Operatives) that have deliberately separated UFOs and Extraterrestrials from the paranormal paradigm where they belong?

You see certain people that are in high places and that love power and money don’t want those that are not in the know to realize that aliens and UFOs have demonic qualities since it's much better for them and for their offspring if everyone just remains in the dark and accepts the Artificial Intelligence Operatives/Whitepaper Scientists and The Ruling Class as the merciless and unquestioned rulers of the human kingdom since a number of the self professed skeptics have started to take a second look at what many have been saying for years, which effectively means that people want answers and that they are no longer content with simply allowing a few self appointed and government appointed physicists to give them a collection of highly insulting and patronizing explanations that are supposed to explain why Extraterrestrials and Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft or UFOs or EMA cannot and do not exist despite the millions of eyewitness accounts.  

The undeniable fact that some human beings of sound body and mind and of varying backgrounds and ethnicities are currently experiencing many of the very same things that are well documented in the unedited version of the Holy Bible that Mauro Biglino translated in an effort to bring the truth to light; is proving to be an eye opener for those that don’t already know the truth since the material that is contained in the Holy Bible has to do with the Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft that were around in biblical times and long before. The aforementioned information is proving to be extremely disturbing for some people because it confirms the existence of certain physical beings as well as the existence of good and evil since humans are having contact with malevolent entities as well as with good ones and since the Extraterrestrials possess the same oppressive influence and power over human beings that everyone has always been told that the demons and devils have.  

Below you will find a link that will allow you to see a clear display of demonic possession. The people that are experiencing the phenomena on the film are not insane. The Extraterrestrials can also control human beings from a distance while using mind control or a form of possession.

Link for Demonic Possession

Link for audio file that describes the stages of demonic possession and the possessed

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Now I know that I've spoken about the ubiquitous ancient evidence for UFOs and for Extraterrestrial Entities, however, what I’m disclosing during this particular episode has to do with something that is often overlooked. You see the ancient art work and the ancient text were not available to all of the persons that made up the ancient civilizations since only a few were allowed to read or to handle or to even see the full extent of the art work as well as the accompanying text. It is my contention that the Ancient African cave paintings, which were not seen by all, were indeed an Ancient UFO File that was intended for the privileged few that got to see them. In addition, the ancient text that have been found and deciphered by modern day humans also fall into the very same category as the ancient artwork because you see only those that belonged to a certain class of people could be trusted with the secrets of the civilization. Plus only a select few were taught to read in many of the past civilizations, who by the way didn't have the same kind of national educational system that can be found throughout the continental United States. 

This is something that is often overlooked since most people aren't familiar with the history of the world, and only look at what’s taking place within the 21st Century, which is a mistake because it skews their view when it comes to UFOs and Extraterrestrials. You see in today’s modern society everyone is given the opportunity to learn and to view what was once withheld from the general population, and most people believe that things were the same in ancient times when they were not. The ancient African cave paintings have been preserved because everyone didn't have access to them. The cave paintings as well as the text were reserved for certain upper level members of the then society and they were supposed to be passed down to future generations of the hierarchy. These ancient historical records were indeed the secret UFO files of the day, and this is why a great many of the survivors of the great civilizations that came and went have absolutely no knowledge of what the elders of their civilization knew. The guarding of the aforementioned information is the very reason that the remnants of these past great civilizations have to learn about them from the western scientists that have deciphered the code that was previously hidden from them since their family lineage was not a part of the upper echelon.

Friends what many world governments are currently doing with respect to the Extraterrestrials is nothing knew because secret communications with UFOs and with Extraterrestrials have always been kept from the general public, however, many truth seeking soldiers and paranormal investigators and lovers of history like myself have discovered the secret Ancient UFO Files and are now bringing them to the light, so that all can know what happened in the times of our collective ancestors.

Do not allow those (i.e. the misguided Scientists/Artificial Intelligence Operatives)  that are motivated by racial hatred to convince you to discount what your ancient African Ancestors had to say about the Extraterrestrials simply because you are Caucasian or simply because you belong to a different race because you see the record is there for all to behold, and we must approach the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomena as a unified species and we must not allow others to separate us or to keep us from achieving a higher level of consciousness. We are planetary citizens and must act accordingly and must also realize that our human consciousness knows no borders, which means that we can listen intently when a man like Dmitry Medvedev has something to say and especially when it pertains to Extraterrestrials or to Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft, which are otherwise known as UFOs.

In closing I just want to reiterate the fact that the Ancient Secret Non-Terrestrial Files consist of the aforementioned Ancient Artwork as well as all of the Ancient Text that have to do with Extraterrestrials and with UFOs or Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft, In addition, the ancient records themselves reveal UFO Sightings and UFO Contact and Extraterrestrial Sightings and Extraterrestrial Contact as well as Non-Terrestrial Experimentation and startling Alien Abductions. The entire body of the Ancient UFO Files goes far beyond Area 51 and far beyond modern day government installations and it also goes well beyond the files that the US Government as well as the other governments are presently keeping in a coordinated effort to protect those that do not fall into the category of the 4 to 5 out of every ten people that can reasonably handle the truth about UFOs and Extraterrestrials.

The withholding of UFO and Extraterrestrial files by governments or by those that are at the very top of the civilization is nothing new, and the A.I.O (Artificial Intelligence Operatives) are just keeping with the tradition due to their closeness with “The Ruling Class” and due to their status as trusted members of the scientific community, which is a group that is revered by the general public just like the High Priests were revered during the times of Jesus Christ. 

Accompanying audio file.

For those that are capable of accepting more than just what we’re seeing on the evening news, the antiquity-based-humans or the ABHs have painted us a road map that can clearly be seen throughout their writings and throughout their art work, and this undeniable road map speaks of the Extraterrestrial Entities that have been visiting our planet for an incalculable number of years since no one really knows for certain when it all started since the visitations could have been going on for thousands of years before anyone decided to write them down and before anyone decided to depict the visitors in various forms of art that can be found throughout the entire world.

Is it merely a coincidence that Africans as well as Chinese are seeing Extraterrestrials and UFOs?   

Is it merely a coincidence that certain individuals are trying to downplay what Dmitry Medvedev said with respect to the Extraterrestrials that are visiting our planet and that are living among us?

The American based scientific community as well as the American based mainstream media cannot control what others do and say when it comes to Extraterrestrials and UFOs, so we ought to take this into consideration before rejecting the idea that certain Extraterrestrials and UFOs exist. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the fact that the current Russian Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev was not trying to influence the American naysayers when he made the statement about Extraterrestrials. Nor was he trying to persuade the Russian people to accept what many of them already have. His statements were made with the understanding that all of the microphones were turned off, which should tell the rest of the world that he was simply conveying the truth based information to a small group of individuals in the media.

The antiquity-based-humans dealt with the Extraterrestrial phenomena much like Dmitry Medvedev did on December 7th 2012 because like him they were thoughtful enough to provide future generations with True To Life Paranormal Encounters that clearly tell us that we are not alone and that there’s much, much more to this life than anyone has ever suspected.

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As someone that worked in the insurance industry for a number of years, and that regularly rents cars to travel cross country, I can honestly say that it is often best to pay for the rental car company's insurance and here's why. 

By using your own insurance carrier that doesn't offer accident forgiveness or a zero deductible insurance policy, you expose yourself to the possibility of having to pay your comprehensive deductible to the rental car company for whatever damages that they claim weren't there prior to you taking possession of the rented vehicle that purportedly had no damages to speak of prior to the contract being signed. In addition, points will be added to your driving record and your insurance rates will increase if a claim is filed on the basis of a collision, and if it exceeds a certain dollar amount, which certain less than honest rental car companies will make sure happens. The claim will be for 1000.00 or more which will earn you one or two points on your driving record depending on whether or not the accident resulted in a bodily injury claim, meaning that the other party suffered injuries that resulted in medical treatment of some kind.

The Department of Motor vehicle takes these kinds of accidents seriously because the driver is potentially a threat to public safety since automobile accidents often result in permanent paralysis or in death, and if there's no bodily injury involved why have a point added to your driving record for a minor collision that may or may not be your fault when you can just as easily use the rental car company's insurance?  

Some insurance carriers issue automobile insurance policies that will automatically cover the insured driver for high coverage while they're driving through a different state. For example, California requires 15,000/30,000 for bodily injury and 5,000 for property damage; however, some states require higher coverage, so the policy will cover the driver at a higher limit based on whatever the state's requirement might be, which could be 25,000/50,000 for bodily injury and 15,000 for property damage. Not all insurance companies provide this kind of added coverage and this is why liability coverage from the rental car company might just be the best way to go since there's a specific limit on most insurance policies which means that the driver is ultimately responsible once that limit is reached unless they have a personal umbrella policy that covers them for up to 1,000,000. And even a million dollars in coverage isn't enough in some cases where bodily injury is involved and especially if the injured party requires long term care for the rest of their life. 

Without the aforementioned automatic increase in coverage the driver is responsible for the difference, which could result in a civil suit, and this is indeed why a thorough check of the individual insurance coverage is advisable prior to taking a road trip since you might not have adequate coverage. Plus you should always check to see what the insurance requirements are for the state that you'll be visiting if you plan to use your own insurance carrier instead of taking the liability and comprehensive and collision coverage that's offered by the rental car agency. 

Credit card companies vary when it comes to renting a vehicle and most are only secondary, meaning that the driver must have his or her own personal auto insurance policy before they are covered by the credit card company and this is why the cardholder must read the terms of the credit card before renting a vehicle since the devil is in the details. 

A good example of the devil being in the details is the fact that Diners Club will allow you to rent a car for up to 45 days where as American Express will not allow you to rent a car with coverage for longer than 30days. Visa will allow a rental in your country of origin for up to 15 days and if you're outside the country you can rent  for up to 31 days. MasterCard allows World and World
Elite cardholders to rent for up to 31 days and all other cards are limited to 15 days. Discover allows up to 31 days for personal use and 45 days if the rental was made on a Discover card that was granted to a business or to an organization.  

In addition, Discover does not cover loss of use charges. (the going rate to rent the vehicle on a daily basis) American Express, MasterCard, and Diners Club want to see the fleet utilization  log before they'll pay reasonable loss of use charges. They take this approach because they want to make absolutely sure that the company suffered an actual hardship by not being able to rent any other vehicles in its place, which means that the customer will have to pay the going rate for the vehicle while it's in the repair shop. This will also include administrative fees that are associated with filing the paperwork for the loss of use, which I might add isn't covered by all automobile insurance policies which is why the driver must check with their insurance company prior to renting a vehicle that they expect to be fully covered by their personal automobile insurance policy.

Visa has been known to pay the loss of use fees, however, the driver should check with their individual credit card company before assuming that the loss of use fees will be covered if there's an accident or if the car suffers non-accident related damages that require it to be taken out of commission.

Gold Cards will cover most rented vehicles for theft as well as for physical damage which means that they generally cover much more than most lower ranking credit cards since pickup trucks and U-Hauls and suvs and motorcycles generally aren't covered by all credit card providers. Before  renting a car the cardholder should find out from their credit card company which vehicles are covered and which ones are not because the rental car company isn't responsible for keeping up with what each credit card company covers, which means that the consumer is ultimately responsible at the end of the day since the rental car company offers their own insurance to cover whatever they're renting.

Rental car coverage in other countries is always based on what the individual sovereign country will accept as acceptable insurance coverage despite what the insurance carrier or the credit card  company might say. For example, anyone traveling to Mexico must obtain Mexican insurance prior to traveling to Mexico because the individual driver can be arrested if he or she is found to be without an insurance policy that is acceptable to Mexico. Americans have been jailed after getting into an accident while traveling on a Mexican road since no one ever advised them that their American car insurance or that their credit card company coverage is not accepted by Mexico since they have their own requirements as a sovereign nation. I have met several people who had their cars impounded in Mexico after getting into an accident. The car wasn't returned since they didn't have the proper insurance. This is why a letter of permission is needed from the lending institution prior to a brand new car being taken across the border since the laws are different and since the vehicle might not be returned. This has happened to a number of people that didn't know the rules and that just assumed that the laws were the same as they are here in the United States. 

Canadian liability insurance is also a good thing to obtain from your insurance carrier or from a reputable place that offers it prior to traveling to Canada. Again sovereign nations have their own laws.

Something to remember before renting a vehicle: An elderly gentleman was told by a rental car company employee that he had to back the rental car into a tight space that even the most skilled driver would have trouble negotiating, and after he ran into the side of the building and hit another vehicle in the process the repair bill came up to $6,000 which caused his insurance to increase by $600.00 for a period of three years. Plus he had to pay his $500.00 deductible to the rental car agency since his policy provided comprehensive (fire and theft) as well as collision, which covers hit and run accidents as well as at fault collisions, which is collectively determined by the car insurance industry to be 51% of the driver's fault.

What happened with the elderly gentleman is what often goes on behind the scenes when you advise certain unscrupulous rental car companies that you want to use your own insurance and that you have deductibles on your personal auto insurance policy. The rental car companies are not regulated by the Insurance Commissioner and use out of state individuals that routinely rule against the driver and this is why it's best to purchase their insurance because you walk away without impact since the vehicle is covered by the car rental policy and since you don't have to file a claim through your own insurance company, which could potentially impact you for 36 months if you don't have accident forgiveness. 

These are just some of the things to consider before signing a rental contract. Most insurance carriers won't take the time to educate their customers and the rental car companies are not responsible for educating the public since their business model only allows for profits and for sustained business. The car rental agencies cannot be blamed for the general public's lack of understanding or because your individual insurance carrier has neglected to inform you about your coverage or because you have failed to ask for a policy review prior to renting a car. 

Be smart and ask for a policy review prior to renting a vehicle and do not assume that your credit card company is going to cover you in the event that you get into an accident because most credit card companies require you to have your own personal automobile coverage and will only cover the difference once you reach your policy limits or if you have a towing bill that's the result of the car accident.

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