1. The first thing that one must come to understand is that Extraterrestrials or aliens do indeed exist and that they've always existed in the human world and that they were on the scene long before human beings came into existence. 

2. The letters (EE) stand for Extraterrestrial Entities.

3. Most of the inimical Extraterrestrial Entities that people have collectively witnessed visiting the earth throughout the ages are highly advanced species and many of these creatures take great delight in tricking and in terrifying us human beings since they regard us as lower life forms. And I say most because some do not possess knowledge about the simplest things. For example, leather belts and leather shoes and primitive combustion engines. And perhaps this means that their civilizations are so advanced that they either forgot about these primitive things or that they never bothered with most of the things that make up our evolutionary human identity in the first place and that they cannot conceive of such primitive measures. 

4. The EE has a classic and unmistakable approach to Extraterrestrial-to-human contact and they will provide the unsuspecting human with a few true statements about our world and about our collective human history and sometimes they will even provide the glob smacked human with a few predictions that they know will come true and they will do so in a coordinated effort to gain the awestruck human's trust and to also make the human feel as though he or she is somehow special since he or she is the single recipient of the information. However, most of the Extraterrestrial Entities that are roaming the planet earth and that are secretly interacting with certain singled out citizens right underneath the noses of their governments must not and cannot be trusted because many of them are malevolent dimensional surfers that despise humans and that have a sinister agenda at hand.

5. The EE that purposely seek to gain the advantage by secretly gaining our unquestioned trust and our full cooperation since we are often far too trusting, will indeed perform signs and wonders in the sky and they will also provide us bipedal creatures with a certain amount of technology since they know that we humans are interested in this sort of thing.

6. The EE that have a passion for healing the sick and for healing the infirmed will perform secret healings and highly complex operations that will restore the human to health, however, they will do so without providing the human with an explanation or with a reason for why they have been helped out of billions of needy people. And sometimes the miraculous healing or the advanced surgical procedure will be the only conscious Human-to-Extraterrestrial contact that the recipient will receive since the EE normally performs their healings and their surgical procedures while the recipients are asleep. In addition, the EE will secretly track their patient's progress and sometimes they will even pay the recipient or recipients another visit if complications arise as a result of the surgical procedure or if the patient suddenly wakes up before they have a chance to complete their work.

7. The EE are known to kidnap certain humans that live alone and that live in rural areas and they delight in experimenting on these vulnerable subjects that are unable to fight back and they often clone these human beings for undisclosed reasons.

8. The EE can detect the presence of cell phones and the presence of cameras and the detected cameras and cell phones will either malfunction during operation or they will completely shut down because the EE will only reveal themselves to whom they please and they will not allow themselves to be photographed unless they will it.

9. The EE will on occasion resort to interrupting the eyewitness's brain waves so that he or she will find it impossible to reach for their cell phone or for their portable camera even though they have an overwhelming desire to do so.

10. The EE will enter a person's residence or place of employment unannounced and they will either kidnap the person on the spot or they will hold the individual against their will until they've concluded their business.

11. The EE are extremely fond of taking objects of value and they do so because they don't value our feelings and they can care less about our sense of personal ownership. And the objects that they will appropriate are jewelry; articles of clothing; highly regarded family heirlooms; and anything else that they perceive are of value to us humans since the electricity that emits from our bodies often betrays our true feelings about a particular item and this is indeed how the Extraterrestrial Entities can tell who our children are and who our parents are and who our lovers are and who our siblings are without us having to utter a single intelligible sentence or word.

12. The EE will carry out ruthless human and cattle abductions as well as devastating and mind numbing and logic defying human and cattle mutilations and they do not make any distinctions between us upright walking humans and our bovine pets because to them we're all lower life forms.

13. The EE has power and control over all electrical devices including automobiles and motorcycles and computers and thermometers and autopilot controlled aircraft and they also have the ability to control human movement since we have a certain amount of electricity that’s running throughout our bodies.

14. The EE has certain human beings that are in government positions and that are in blue collar and white collar positions working for them as disinformation agents and many of these non-believing and Extraterrestrial denying humans which include doctors and lawyers and journalists and police officers and bankers and radio hosts and taxi cab drivers and school teachers and college professors and athletes and musicians and novelists are the unwitting victims of mind control while others do it out of love and devotion for the Extraterrestrial Entities that they have come to worship as gods.

15. The EE have been seen all around the world and by Africans and Chinese alike and they are especially interested in the unbeaten US Military since the US Military is the undisputed force that controls the planet.

16. The EE have been known to play tricks on entire families and they are not shy about using non-lethal electrical currents to erase the memories of some while leaving others to relive their terrifying experiences.

17. The EE are known to kidnap or to abduct certain unsuspecting and highly intoxicated humans while they're innocently traveling alone. And the EE has ruthlessly dropped these same intoxicated humans off in vacant fields that are sometimes two and three states away from where they were originally picked up and this seldom talked about phenomena is happening all around the world.

18. The EE are adept at embarrassing us humans by removing our clothing since they know and understand that we are disturbed by our own nakedness when we are being observed by strangers.

19. The EE will knock at the front door before disappearing and while the clueless human is busy looking around for who rang the doorbell the EE will start walking on the roof top and they will sometimes appear inside the residence after the human has closed the front door and gone back to bed.

20. The EE will on occasion appear as talking animals and they will speak to humans through rocks and through walls and through kitchen appliances while using cloaking devices to hide their presence. And sometimes they will appear to walk through walls while the human is taking a shower or while they’re eating dinner at the dinner table.

21. The EE will often appear out of nowhere and they will strike up a casual conversation with us humans and they will tell us lies that are mixed with a certain degree of truth and many of us unsuspecting humans will fall in love with their seductive speech, however, we must not allow ourselves to be fooled by these malevolent creatures because the Extraterrestrial Entities that are encroaching on us humans are indeed masters at disguise and tricksters that are on par with the signifying monkey.

22. Finally, the EE don't believe in turning the other cheek and they have clearly demonstrated this in certain instances and in certain skirmishes because you see they have ruthlessly dealt with their military aircraft flying and commercial airline flying human adversaries like the Old Testament warriors dealt with their foes while being lead by the God of the Holy Bible.

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