The Playground is a gritty Gangster novel that takes you on a journey through the lives of Sophia and David Bloom; mother and son who are forced to move to a Housing Project that's located on the Eastside of South Central Los Angeles after a family tragedy robs them of their financial well being. And their move takes place just before the rise of Crack Cocaine and before the decline of Heroin and it puts them in direct contact with dirty Cops, F.B.I. Agents, C.I.A. Operatives, Gangsters, Drug Dealers, White Supremacists, Thieving dope fiends of the worst kind, Revolutionaries or Domestic Terrorists if you prefer, and other shady representatives of the United States Government.

But, that's just the beginning because you see there's an unbelievable twist to the story that you won't believe.

The twist that unfolds in the story is real!

And I invite you to learn who Damu is and who Warlock is. 
Plus there are some bonuses in the book like the "Side Note From The Author" which is a feasible plan to achieve "Energy Independence" and there's also mention of a secret and upcoming technology that will give America the advantage over its enemies and this technology will blow your minds and you can find it in "The Emerging New World" section of the book. And don't forget to read the Postscript.  

ISBN: 1608447669

Carmichael Wolfe "The Eclectic Novelist"

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