The truth is that there never has been total freedom or equality for African Americans since whites that came from families that did not own slaves willfully participated in the Post Slavery Climate that denied blacks employment and housing and access to hotels and to restaurants and to clothing stores and to grocery stores and to movie theaters and to churches while welcoming others into the country and into their neighborhoods and into their homes and into their Satanic churches since the Apostle Paul never commanded the true Christians of the Biblical era to deny black skinned people access to worship God.  

These same uncivilized white Americans also beat and attacked human beings simply because of the color of their skin while they were attending church Sunday after Sunday.

The innocent victims of this deplorable behavior that started over 400 years ago and that has continued with the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were attacked by a group of uncivilized white savages that had the audacity to call themselves Christians, but who were and are agents of evil since true Christians don’t gun down or choke to death black citizens. The whole reason that black churches had to be established in the first place was because uncivilized white savages that were calling themselves Christians were beating innocent church going blacks as they were kneeling down and praying to God inside the white churches that were in their neighborhoods.

This is a historical fact just like the fact that whites ruthlessly burned down black churches in an effort to prevent the church going blacks from worshipping God.

These savages who don’t know Jesus and who were not Christians deliberately interrupted the prayers of real Christians as they were praying to God, however, blacks that left the United States and that went to civilized white countries were able to pray side by side with real white Christians who were nothing like the savages that were born and raised in the Continental United States of America, which is a country that produces Grand Juries that cannot indict a group of Filthy White Supremacists that gun down unarmed American teenagers that just happen to be black, and who choke to death defenseless black Americans.  

These same disgusting uncivilized white savages are also responsible for killing black children, which makes them no better than the demonically possessed savages that were killing black men women and children during slavery.

Nothing has changed because the very same atrocities that existed during slavery still exist today.

White officers that were filled with nothing but pure hatred for blacks also shot a black female below the waist and laughed about it as she was clutching her genitals while screaming and crying. These are the actions of the demonically possessed, and true Christians have a God given right to stand against this kind of blatant evil since they are the ones that are covered by the blood of Jesus.

In any struggle for freedom and absolute equality one will find the presence of Marching and Rioting. However, the use of technology must not be overlooked, which is why I advocate Live Streaming Cameras that will capture the beatings and the killings and the shootings of black Americans, so the civilized whites throughout the world can see what’s happening behind “The American Curtain of White Racism.”

Every African American should become a photo journalist that captures the activity of the police throughout the 50 states because this is the kind of irrefutable photo evidence that the United Nations needs to see, so it can come to understand that Law Enforcement as a whole in the United States is a "Threat to World Security" since a nation that is constantly abusing its citizens and that is constantly at war with its citizens cannot effectively sustain peace throughout the world and since it also cannot be seen as credible while speaking to other nations about human rights violations when the members of Law Enforcement in its own country are also guilty of massacring its citizens that are defenseless in the face of gun toting uncivilized animals that have a thirst for human blood and suffering and that feel that it’s okay to kill blacks on a constant and daily basis since the beating and the killing and the shooting and the maiming of black Americans has gone on in the United States for over 400 years.  

Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”

A proud American. 

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